I Blog Here Now

If you’re my friend* and you’re reading this right now because you’re bored, wondering, “Does Genny blog anymore?” I do but not here.



*Which you most likely are because it’s usually my friends who have kept up with this thing and for that I say thank you for reading my brain poops. You know I love you. If you are not my friend and came across my blog because you Googled “butt burns poop hot,” “laguna ‘party enthusiast,'” or “tres jeune fuck-baby movies,” I hope you found what you were looking for. Especially that last one. Er, nope. I’m re-reading that now.  I take that back. Definitely take that back. The fuck, Person on the Internet? I know enough French to know what that means, sicko. Get off my lawn.


Am I listening to the wrong radio station?

Or all these radio stations just whack? I’m flipping through the stations and I can’t find K. Michelle anywhere. Radio, get with the program. JEESH.

Food on the brain

10:00 AM me: we should visit miami
Mirah: it seems ideal to visit but not live
yeah i want a cuban
me: LOL
there are lots of cubans down there!
10:01 AM Mirah: oh i meant sandwich lol

I’ll write a real post….

After I make all ya’ll look at this gif. Thank you, Cheryl Cole (Or is it Tweedy? Is she still married to that lyin’ ass  footballer?), for your gif-able reactions. I swear I will use this gif appropriately someday in my Internet life (once I gather the courage to participate in an LJ community, formspring thingy, or something like that, of course). For now I post this for posterity. TYFYT.

Not exactly new but still fresh

I wanted a URL better than gramos7.wordpress.com (Folks, I wasn’t reading the directions properly when I started this bloggering business. $20 to anyone who can guess what gramos7 is!) but didn’t want to pay 15 bones monthly to change my existing domain name so that’s why there’s this — jeune vee ehv ($50 to anyone who can guess that!).