This is an open letter.

Dear Readers,

A new city is calling my name. What city? I have yet to find out. It usually changes from week to week, sometimes day to day. Right now it’s Chicago for multiple reasons, which are pretty fucking good reasons might I add. Never thought I would consider Chicago as a possible city to take up residency, but I didn’t think the same of D.C. so there you go.

That said, if you are from Chicago or have experience living there or know someone who lives/has lived there, can you please, uh, I dunno, contact me?

I expect to get some sort of reply either through my private e-mail address or through this blog (Yeah, strangers, I’m talking about you). I know people read this thing. I check my blog stats. Don’t act like you don’t know. Like when you see someone in passing and you have well been introduced but you guys act like you don’t know each other and so don’t even say a damn word. Granted, I have done this plenty of times but I’m trying to be much better about it. But, really now, don’t front.

I’m being serious guys. Let’s up the ante on this interactive blog-o-sphere action.



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