Heard Outside My Window

Living seconds away from several bars and pubs has its perks, one of them being overhearing the drunk talk outside my bedroom window. It’s even better when you live in D.C. cos drunk talk usually involves some lame political joke or the inside scoop on what’s going down K Street. I have little interest in either of those but I can appreciate them. I think I’ll start posting some of the drunk talk I hear outside my window just to show you what makes my experience living here in D.C. just so D.C.

*P.S. If you are from the D.C./metro area, please feel free to post drunk talk you’ve overheard! They are always so entertaining.


January 11, 2008, 12:51 a.m.

Woman: (disdainfully) WHAT?!?!!?!? How can you be black, gay, and republican?

Man: (confidently) Oh, you can.



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