"i was going to 'overheard on my g-chat' the stuffwhitepeoplelike shit"

Annie: oh! the newest SWPL!

it’s a problem i contemplate DAILY when i think about drinking with my children!!

me: SWPL?
Annie: stuffwhitepeoplelike
also didja hear about their BOOK DEAL
me: “White children should drink wine. They should not be allowed to drink beer or other ‘party’ liquors.”
book deal?
No! I didn’t hear about this!
“white people also enjoy binge drinking”
Annie: oh they made a post about it
me: expected to come out later this year?
this is insane
Annie: yes, august
that book will be sitting on my coffee table
me: ha! same here
Annie: in my whiteass house filled with michel gondry movies, grad skewl
applications, and french press coffee

will the book be next to an issue of vanity fair?
Annie: oh, or the new yorker
perhaps a mcsweeneys publication as well
me: lol
man, sometimes i wonder if my life will be like my big fat greek wedding
what do i bring to the in-laws’ house you know? bundt cakes and shit?
Annie: haha LOL
me: that is, of course, if i end up with some white dude
Annie: sometimes i think that too
when i visited *John’s parents it felt that way
me: really?
Annie: ‘shes this exotic girl who speaks three languages and grew up in EEEEGYPT’
what did they say?
Annie: haha it wasnt verbatim like that, but they were Very interested
because they’re rich white people

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