Check Out Onra

Onra is a Paris-based hip hop producer. His backstory schtick: He traveled to his Mother Country of Vietnam, collected and brought back old Vietnamese pop records, and then used them as samples over catchy hip-hop beats. The result is Chinoiseries, an album of short instrumental hip-hop songs. The best part about Chinoiseries is that you can hear the crackling vinyl. I love that!

I recently found out about Onra through surfing the wonderful world of “Random Active Muxtapes.” Thank you Muxtape user, samuraispy. I have no clue who you are but you’re on my favorites. Holler.

Back to Onra. I’ll be honest, I’ve only downloaded three tracks from the album but I’ve heard samples of all the songs on the album and intend on downloading the rest. “The Anthem” is my favorite. I must have listened to that damn song a good seven times in ten minutes (Totally possible – it’s not even two minutes long!) today. He’s got two other albums out with Quetzal and Byron. Listen to sample songs on Onra’s Myspace. They’re quite good. Definitely worth giving a try if you’re looking for something different from the T-Pains and Flo-Ridas. Although, I have a guilty spot for that bunch too.


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