Puppies Helping Puppies

Driving in L.A. isn’t the safest for dogs. Cars going at speeds of 80, sometimes up to 60 on the sidestreets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to drive past road kill, especially in my area with squirrels jumping out of nowhere, sometimes opossums, and neighborhood dogs jumping fences. It always makes me sad. Like I want to poor some kibble in honor of the little guy.

Today I saw the sweetest thing that made me go, Aww, puppies. I was driving down a busy street when I saw one dog on the opposite side of the middle of the road. I kept my eye on the dog, thinking that by keeping my eye on the dog that would magically protect him from any oncoming traffic and unaware drivers, when I saw a second dog on the side of the road go over to the dog trapped in the middle. A car had slowed down for them, thank God, and the second dog accompanied the other dog to safety back to the sidewalk. It’s like those scenes you see of young gentleman helping the little old lady cross the street before the big rig runs over her in a fast-paced comedy/action movie. Only…it was dogs.

I wish I had taken a photo but, alas, impatient L.A. drivers are the worst and if I had slowed down I would have definitely been stared down, maybe even given the finger.

Here’s a photo of a tattooed man with a dog.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times

Photo courtesy of the New York Times

Oh, I’m a sucker for that stuff. Thanks to CuteOverload for the Times’ story, “Tough Guys and Puppies.” Your heart will melt.


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