Reason #513 Why I Hate Facebook

Because Facebook friending is the next natural stage in a relationship.
11:16 AM Gemma: ok i have a serious question
me: shoot
Gemma: i’m not fbook friends with work guy
11:18 AM should i?
me: i don’t see why not
11:19 AM Gemma: i’m scared
me: i mean,
i don’t think it would hurt
you’ll be fine
11:20 AM and of course he’ll accept
why wouldn’t he
Gemma: i know but what if i dont like his taste in music?
me: it’s not like you guys are “in a relaitionship”
11:21 AM me: JUST DO IT
11:22 AM Gemma: 😐
me: you’re crazy
and you’re overthinking this
11:23 AM btw, i don’t think i’d like it if my dude called me “baby
though i would prefer babe
Gemma: ew no
i’m not a baby
i’m a big girl!
11:24 AM ok but seriously
we’ve been at this for three weeks
11:25 AM isnt it a little late to be friends?
11:27 AM me: too late?
it’s never too late
i know cliche
but seriously it’s not
11:28 AM Gemma: hahahaha
this is all over facebook
me: do it
god please
it’s facebook
11:29 AM Gemma: hahaha
i know i know
i just thought you would appreciate my dilemma
since you hate it as much as i do
me: i do
i fucking hate facebook
but it’s like, i can’t let go
11:30 AM Gemma: i know i hear you
and now i’m giong to friend this guy like a tool
because its the next natural step in a relationship
me: i knwo right?!
11:31 AM Gemma: this is so dumb.
sara goes ‘you might as well buy yourself a ring!’
me: hahahaa
11:33 AM Gemma: shew. ok done.
11:35 AM me: thank you
Gemma: you’re welcome.
me: does he have a picture
of himself on his profile?
cos i want to see after he accepts your reuest
11:36 AM also
would you mind if i blogged this?
11:37 AM Gemma: HAHAHAHA

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