Trends: Sardines

Foodies, rev your palates cos guess what’s making a comeback? Sar-fucking-dines!


Hey, I’m only the messenger. The WaPo featured this a couple weeks back but I only read about it today*.

Personally, I think it’s hilarious that sardines were even ‘out’ in the first place. People eat canned tuna and salmon so I don’t know why they’re all up in arms about sardines. “But it’s got the head on!” my patoot. I hate when people say that! It’s like, Dude, you know your hamburger had a face right? I get mildly offended when people liken the fish to SPAM, as if SPAM is all kinds of low-end hillbilly food. If we’re playing that game then put down the McNuggets. At least you can make SPAM into sushi rolls. You can’t do that with a McNugget.

Sardines are my childhood which probably explains why I love them and am so defensive of them when someone gives me The Face. My parents used to buy them – and still do – from the Asian store at about a buck per can. They usually buy the ones in tomato sauce but they also dig the ones in olive oil. It’s all in the preparation. Sardines taste delicious on toast or with rice with a touch of soy sauce. Grimace all you want but who’s the one suffering from mercury poisoning?

Benefits of munching on the tiny fish are significant and, yes, even more hip than you can handle: Ecofriendly and packed with high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Plus, Alton Brown is a fan and you can’t mess with Alton.

Yeeeaah, EAT that.

*The Monterey Herald printed this story and, funnily enough, it was one day after I visited Cannery Row. It’s touristy, yes (Just check out that Web site!), but if you’re a Steinbeck fan like me it’s Steinbeck Country so you are highly advised to go! There’s a kitschy wax museum where Steinbeck himself narrates the history of Cannery Row, a general store that sells every useless thing you can imagine, and some of the factories that still maintain its original decor. It’s easy to see why Cannery Row in its heyday was worth writing about. Oh, Monterey, I think you may trump Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, as my favorite place in all of California.

Correction: Perhaps I should read the very links I post. SPAM masubi is not sushi because its rice is not prepared with vinegar as is customary with sushi rolls. The rice is instead salted. Whoops! My bad.



  1. Oh man… this is very convincing. You know, you’re the first one who turned me on to the wonders of tuna in olive oil (YUM) and it became my new favorite food. So I’m going to have to put my faith in Genny and give this one a try, eh?

    I hate to admit the face of sardines makes me squeamish — very — but that’s the way it is. I know my fear is irrational. Just try telling me that when I try to conquer it.

    • Olive oil on anything is delicious. You can buy canned sardines without the heads. A lot of them come without the heads now. One caveat: a lot of them are not deboned and removed of their innards so you will have to do that yourself. They’re so tiny which makes it easy (seriously, in one swipe!) and not as cringe-inducing for the faint of heart. EAT THEEEEMMMM.

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