NASA will host a Tweetup with the International Space Station on October 21. Silly me misunderstood the Tweet (@NASA Talk directly to the space station! Registration for the ISS Tweetup in Wash, DC, is now open.), thinking it would be an online meetup. I know it says Washington, D.C., in the Twitter update but that’s where NASA is headquartered so I thought the meetup would be moderated from there. Whatever. I signed up seconds after I realized my mistake. I consoled myself by thinking, What are the chances anyway of them accepting me?

Well, THEY DID!!!!!!!!

NASA Tweetup


I hope the lucky mofo who takes me spot realizes how lucky he/she is. Why must I realize my astronomer/astronaut dreams too late? Oh, NASA, NASA, NASA…

Tune in to NASA t.v. at on Wednesday, October 21, 10 a.m. – 12 noon, EST to watch the Tweetup live. I can’t wait!!!

Follow them on Twitter at @NASA. They are great! For a full list of NASA Twitter accounts, click here.

"People of Earth: Later. "

"People of Earth: Later. "


One comment

  1. I’m sure you’re not the only one.

    That’s why they put “you must be in Washington D.C.” in bold. It’s like whoops, we forgot to bring this to your attention, so now we’re going to put this in bold.

    Boos to them for trying to be hip and call it a “tweetup” when it was really a good ol’fashioned meetup at heart. (meetup… what is that?)

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