This gif

For all you Olympic watchers, arguably one of the best gifs I’ve seen so far of great Olympic moments as recorded by NBC and edited by A Magical Editor (Really, I don’t know who created this but I laughed out loud when I first saw it).

I’m sad the Olympics are coming to a close. I love that sports no one really cares about become sports people deeply, passionately care about even if it’s for a couple weeks. I love that everyone has an Olympic crush and that all countries get some love. I love the athleticism. I love the positive attitudes (I’m living in scandal free, clean game Olympic world here so let me wax on this the way I want to ok?). I love that each Olympian has a story. It’s all corny and inspiring and mushy gushy but it gets me pumped. Apparently, Apolo is putting away the skates after this one. Sadface. Has Johnny Weir decided to hang up the skates too? Did you all see Queen Yuna last night kill it with her James Bond routine? One of the best things about following the Olympics is anticipating how heir apparents will fare the next time around. Looking forward to watching JR and Patrick Chan. Russia 2014. Russia? I know.



  1. Hahaha at the gif. BIG GIGANTIC YES OF AGREEMENT to everything you said (so perfectly) about the Olympics!! I haven’t had a life this past week. I’ve been eating, drinking, and breathing the air of Olympic enthusiasm. One could find me glued to the TV on any given night, watching not only my favorite sports (Q Yuna rocked. it.), but newfound faves, as well (aerial?! aerial!).

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