March 1, 1994

My favorite radio station is Power 106.

My favorite celebrity is Lark Voorhies.

My favorite music group is Ace of Base.

My favorite movie is D2 (Mighty Ducks 2).

My favorite place to eat is El Torito.

My favorite thing to do is roller blade.

I like to shop at the bookstore.

I like to hang out at my friend’s house.

My favorite T.V. show is Saved By The Bell.


Trends: Pen Necklaces

Do any of my growing-up-in-the-90s friends remember this PBS show called Ghostwriter? It’s about a group of Brooklyn teens who solve mysteries with the help of a dot of light and two apostrophes, or Ghostwriter.


That's Ghostwriter sneaking inside the "O" of his name.

Aptly named Ghostwriter because “he’s a ghost and he writes to us,” Ghostwriter communicates with the kids by forming words and sentences with letters and text he can find nearby. This show was my show. I wanted to move to Brooklyn, have a posse of best friends, and be a part of a secret mystery fighting society where initiation ended by anointing the new member with a pen necklace. The pen necklace was meant for convenience so that any time Ghostwriter began “talking” to them, the kids would be ready to respond.

I thought the pen necklace was the coolest thing ever. Like friendship bracelet, making your own lanyard keychain cool. Meaning, REALLY COOL. It overtook my love of bringing a black and white marbled notebook everywhere I went a la Harriet the Spy. I don’t know why it had that effect on me. But I guess even as a nine-year-old, there was something satisfying about whipping out a pen at a moment’s notice, and from a loop of string dangling around my neck no less! Come on, that’s smart right?

Fast forward some years later to Mad Men. Boom. Boom. Boom. That sound is Joan Holloway pounding through the office in her hottest outfit wearing a motherfucking gold pen necklace. Gold pen necklace. GOLD PEN NECKLACE.

Don't mess.

Don't mess.

I didn’t know pen necklaces dated back to the sixties. I didn’t know they could be so elegant. But they can and they are mean and people need to start wearing this along with caftans. Seriously, guys, the thought of stepping outside from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in this southern California valley heat makes me wince.

When I was in Monterey I hit up this fancy schmancy pen/stationary shop in the hope of finding a pen necklace but nothing. By the way, some of these pens are insane. Like, insanely out of my budget. A Cartier pen for $300. For real? I mean, I understand it’s all about craftmanship and it will last you forever ladeedah but $300? Dang. That is a world I will never understand but kind of want to experience. You know, for 15 minutes because I imagine cushy living like that is easy to get accustomed to and 15 minutes is enough to let the guilt start settling in.

But back to the topic at hand. I Googled “pen necklaces” and guess what guys and dolls, you can get your own vintage-inspired Joan Holloway gold pen necklace from 1928 Jewelry!

1960s Vintage Inspired Gold Tone Pen Necklace, 1928 Jewelry

1960s Vintage Inspired Gold Tone Pen Necklace, 1928 Jewelry

The one Christina Hendricks wears on the show was actually found at the famous Pasadena flea market at the Rose Bowl so I’m sure if you wanted the real thing you could hit up a flea market near you. But at $20 a pop and without the relentless thrift hunting, I’m willing to take inspired to the real thing. All my Joan Holloways, writers, practical but stylish folks, or anyone who wants to look fly as hell as you sign off your checks and balances, you all need to buckle on this pen necklace train and work it. I know I will.

Gold tone pen necklace for $20. Also comes in emerald and gold and ruby and gold hue tones for $28. Buy here!

Not Guilty Pleasures

I’d say that my friend Karen and I have a varied and rather good taste in music that, for not watching MTV or listening to the radio all that much, tends to be updated quite frequently . She’s one of the few people I know who can spar a decent game of “So have you heard this remix? Oh, really? What?! You’re crazy. YouTube that shit.” I just read that. How snobby. But, really, we’re not!

Regardless, we both acknowledge music sides of us that some would probably be embarrassed about. A couple days ago when Karen got drunk off 50 cent beers, she let it slip that she was bananas over Hall & Oates. She still is. How one can be embarrassed over liking Hall & Oates is beyond me but according to a fellow 50 cent beer boozer, well, Hall & Oates isn’t exactly a group you freely admit to listening to. Eff that. Hall & Oates totally owned that sexy “rock and soul” sound. For real. Turn on “Sara Smile.” You’ll see what I mean.

Check out this Brian McKnight cover of the same song.

If Hall & Oates isn’t your cup of tea, might I suggest my boy Lionel Richie? Oooo, boy.

Enjoy. And when someone questions your “questionable” taste in music, well, whatever, they don’t know what they’re missing. Especially when it concerns great adult contemporary ballads of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

A Bout of Nostalgia

I’ve been on a mixtape — I mean, mix CD — making high. Yesterday, I started compiling all of my favorite 90s songs into a playlist. Can I tell you how much joy that playlist brings to my heart? I can’t even describe… But I can show!

This song reminds me of Magic Mountain.

This song reminds me of drives with my cool older cousin who introduced me to TLC and…uh, Snoop Dogg’s album “Doggy Style.” I was in the third grade.

This song takes me back to the times in my bedroom when I was 11-years-old singing about dudes like Dave Coulier who stepped on my heart, spit on it, and ran over it with a Mach truck.

I wanted to be Gwen Stefani.

I must have put this album on repeat so many times I can’t even count.

These guys were the Backstreet Boys for me.

I don’t need any explanation.

Obviously, I could go on but enjoy this walk down memory lane guys!

I Love the 90s

My affinity for all things early to mid-90s is attributed to amazing adult contemporary power ballads such as this:

Is there still an adult contemporary category on Billboard?

Anyway, my good friend Karen sent me an e-mail that linked me to EW’s Popwatch blog. It’s apparently Mr. Secada’s birthday! Happy birthday Jon!

I’m going to go watch Wicked Games now. Chris Isaak. Helena Christensen. Black sand. A palm tree. Hot.