Strange Encounter of the Nice Kind

A couple days ago I was walking home from the Giant grocery store up the street from where I live. I was waiting at one of the many busy intersections waiting to cross the street when I noticed a guy and girl jogging toward me. They looked to be in the middle of a running partner exercise session.

“Hi,” the guy said casually with just as casual a smile after he had given me the once over.

“Hi,” I said half-surprised, half-friendly, definitely with a “And who are you? Do I know you…?” look.

“You go to AU,” he said.

“I did,” I said. “But I graduated.”

“I went there when you went to school there a couple years ago.”


The signal turned green and the guy and girl jogged across the street while I was left standing there with my big bag of groceries.

Huh? Wait. What…just…happened…? I thought. That’s it? No introduction? No name? Who are you? Why…?

I crossed the street and walked home, thinking about what just happened. Continue reading


Heard Outside My Window

Living seconds away from several bars and pubs has its perks, one of them being overhearing the drunk talk outside my bedroom window. It’s even better when you live in D.C. cos drunk talk usually involves some lame political joke or the inside scoop on what’s going down K Street. I have little interest in either of those but I can appreciate them. I think I’ll start posting some of the drunk talk I hear outside my window just to show you what makes my experience living here in D.C. just so D.C.

*P.S. If you are from the D.C./metro area, please feel free to post drunk talk you’ve overheard! They are always so entertaining.


January 11, 2008, 12:51 a.m.

Woman: (disdainfully) WHAT?!?!!?!? How can you be black, gay, and republican?

Man: (confidently) Oh, you can.


City Life

I’ve lived in my new apartment for almost a month now and it’s quite amazing how moving just five minutes away (by car) can make all the difference. From quiet, surrounded by trees and brick townhomes, may as well be geriatric ward condominium complex to busy, off one of the main roads in D.C., down the street from numerous bars and pubs old apartment building, not a day or night goes by without at least one of the following:

-firetruck sirens blaring (the fire station is also down the road)

-the sound of drills waking me up at 7 in the morning, like, right next to my ear (cheers D.C., why are you always under construction?!)

-car horns blaring

-car tires screeching

– cars moving, in general

-the sight of parents pushing strollers

-drunk people shouting (“Don’t you FUCKING talk to me like that! Don’t you — ha, ha, HA! HAHAHAHAHA!”)

-drunk people breaking bottles

It’s interesting!

In other related news, this city is way too small for it’s own good. I think I need a break from it. It’s cool that so-and-so knows so-and-so and we interned together and, oh, my god, that intern’s boyfriend dated a girl from my high school, but that’s a bit much. And, no, that is not a real scenario. But in the past week or two, it seems that way with every new person I meet.

Anyway, I’m thinking somewhere with mountains. I just want to sit on a mountain, preferably on a mountain back home.