Reason #513 Why I Hate Facebook

Because Facebook friending is the next natural stage in a relationship.
11:16 AM Gemma: ok i have a serious question
me: shoot
Gemma: i’m not fbook friends with work guy
11:18 AM should i?
me: i don’t see why not
11:19 AM Gemma: i’m scared
me: i mean,
i don’t think it would hurt
you’ll be fine
11:20 AM and of course he’ll accept
why wouldn’t he
Gemma: i know but what if i dont like his taste in music?
me: it’s not like you guys are “in a relaitionship”
11:21 AM me: JUST DO IT
11:22 AM Gemma: 😐
me: you’re crazy
and you’re overthinking this
11:23 AM btw, i don’t think i’d like it if my dude called me “baby
though i would prefer babe
Gemma: ew no
i’m not a baby
i’m a big girl!
11:24 AM ok but seriously
we’ve been at this for three weeks
11:25 AM isnt it a little late to be friends?
11:27 AM me: too late?
it’s never too late
i know cliche
but seriously it’s not
11:28 AM Gemma: hahahaha
this is all over facebook
me: do it
god please
it’s facebook
11:29 AM Gemma: hahaha
i know i know
i just thought you would appreciate my dilemma
since you hate it as much as i do
me: i do
i fucking hate facebook
but it’s like, i can’t let go
11:30 AM Gemma: i know i hear you
and now i’m giong to friend this guy like a tool
because its the next natural step in a relationship
me: i knwo right?!
11:31 AM Gemma: this is so dumb.
sara goes ‘you might as well buy yourself a ring!’
me: hahahaa
11:33 AM Gemma: shew. ok done.
11:35 AM me: thank you
Gemma: you’re welcome.
me: does he have a picture
of himself on his profile?
cos i want to see after he accepts your reuest
11:36 AM also
would you mind if i blogged this?
11:37 AM Gemma: HAHAHAHA


I don’t know about you all, but when networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook all came out, I viciously avoided them. One of my best friends, Danny, however, welcomed them with eager and open arms. He embraced them. And he tried to convince me to embrace them too. He showed me his Friendster account and explained how it worked. I thought it was weird. I don’t want people up in my business, knowing who I’m friends with, acting like they know me. No, that is not how I operate. I will admit that I did set up an AOL profile back in high school but that is beside the point. Continue reading