Food on the brain

10:00 AM me: we should visit miami
Mirah: it seems ideal to visit but not live
yeah i want a cuban
me: LOL
there are lots of cubans down there!
10:01 AM Mirah: oh i meant sandwich lol

Trends: Sardines

Foodies, rev your palates cos guess what’s making a comeback? Sar-fucking-dines!


Hey, I’m only the messenger. The WaPo featured this a couple weeks back but I only read about it today*.

Personally, I think it’s hilarious that sardines were even ‘out’ in the first place. People eat canned tuna and salmon so I don’t know why they’re all up in arms about sardines. “But it’s got the head on!” my patoot. I hate when people say that! It’s like, Dude, you know your hamburger had a face right? I get mildly offended when people liken the fish to SPAM, as if SPAM is all kinds of low-end hillbilly food. If we’re playing that game then put down the McNuggets. At least you can make SPAM into sushi rolls. You can’t do that with a McNugget.

Sardines are my childhood which probably explains why I love them and am so defensive of them when someone gives me The Face. My parents used to buy them – and still do – from the Asian store at about a buck per can. They usually buy the ones in tomato sauce but they also dig the ones in olive oil. It’s all in the preparation. Sardines taste delicious on toast or with rice with a touch of soy sauce. Grimace all you want but who’s the one suffering from mercury poisoning?

Benefits of munching on the tiny fish are significant and, yes, even more hip than you can handle: Ecofriendly and packed with high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Plus, Alton Brown is a fan and you can’t mess with Alton.

Yeeeaah, EAT that.

*The Monterey Herald printed this story and, funnily enough, it was one day after I visited Cannery Row. It’s touristy, yes (Just check out that Web site!), but if you’re a Steinbeck fan like me it’s Steinbeck Country so you are highly advised to go! There’s a kitschy wax museum where Steinbeck himself narrates the history of Cannery Row, a general store that sells every useless thing you can imagine, and some of the factories that still maintain its original decor. It’s easy to see why Cannery Row in its heyday was worth writing about. Oh, Monterey, I think you may trump Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, as my favorite place in all of California.

Correction: Perhaps I should read the very links I post. SPAM masubi is not sushi because its rice is not prepared with vinegar as is customary with sushi rolls. The rice is instead salted. Whoops! My bad.

Viva el taco!

I want to inform you all of a new law in L.A. that prohibits taco trucks from staying in one place for a long time. The consequences of breaking this law are serious – hefty fines and possibly a year in jail. I know. Let’s not talk about it. There’s a whole campaign now to put a stop this law.

All I have to say is L.A. isn’t L.A. without its taco trucks. My mom used to work in downtown L.A., off Rampart, one of the really taco truck concentrated areas. As a kid, I remember the drive to my mom’s office every day after my dad picked me up from school. After exiting the freeway and entering the more busy and residential areas leading up to my mom’s office, I would see taco trucks parked in grocery store parking lots, at the sides of restaurants, in little alleyways, basically any place you could fit the familiar truck with its blue windows and quilted silver plating. The crowds outside the trucks were insane but all I care to recall is the smell of carne asada every time my window was open. The whole moment was Pavlonian; I kid you not, my mouth would start to water and my  stomach would immediately growl – GROWL – after the taco scent wafted into my nose. Crazy, right? What can I say, I’m crazy over tacos. 

After I read about the taco truck law, I Googled “taco trucks” and came upon this amazing blog called The Great Taco Hunt. Holy shit, guys, I nearly shat my pants. Just look at the photos!

Oh, so heavenly. 

This one is not from a taco truck but it’s a taco from a restaurant called El Taurino, one of the restaurants, in addition to taco trucks, I used to pass by on the way to pick up Mom from work! I got so excited when I found it on the blog I just had to post it!

Feeling so nostalgic now! Sniff, sniff. 

I got so riled up with this taco nonsense that I went on Yelp to see if I could find a decent taqueria in D.C. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find one as I’m obviously biased but the people on Yelp are usually good. Supposedly there’s a place off 14th street so I guess I’ll have to trek there sometime soon. BUT I also found a post from a year ago that mentioned “Those Taco Truck Thingies”…in D.C.!!!!!!!

You guys, this could be it! Will my taco prayers be answered? Will I finally find that amazing taco I have been craving since I arrived a little over four years ago? I’ll keep you updated. 

In other food news, if you are in D.C., head on over to Ooohs and Ahhhs off U Street, on the way to the 9:30 Club. The food is yummy if not a tad bit pricey, but the portions are huge and the staff is way helpful and nice. Also, inside the restaurant they played a bootleg version of Ironman with Japanese subtitles. Awesome.

Come Easter

Do you know how I’m going to celebrate the end of Lent?

By eating this:


I was watching Everyday Italian with Giada De Laurentiis yesterday and she was making these hazelnut Nutella cookies that looked mouth watering and, even better, so easy to make. Seriously, check out this recipe:

Hazelnut Nutella Cookies

  • 1 cup hazelnuts, chopped
  • 1 tube cookie dough
  • 1 jar of Nutella

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Roll the tube of cookie dough in the chopped hazelnuts so it’s got a nice crust. Cover with plastic wrap. Freeze for at least an hour. Take out cookie dough and slice it into approximately four to five millimeter thick circles. Slice until all the dough is used up. Arrange on a cookie sheet. Bake in oven for about eight to ten minutes, or until golden brown. Cool cookies over a baking baking rack. NOW FOR THE FUN PART. Slather a nice helping of God’s gift to mankind on one side of the cookie. Then grab another cookie and place on top. Repeat until you have a nice plate of hazelnut Nutella cookie sandwiches!!!!!

Giada got it right with this one. I hate to say it but how can such a tiny, slender, bobble-headed woman come up with a recipe such as this? Honestly, have you seen her? Yeah, see her and then see the stuff that she makes. I used to not trust her. Especially when you’ve got “two sticks of butter” Paula Deen making chocolate sauce for her sugar cookies and looking like she eats her cookies. Then again, Giada also introduced me to Nutella and Brie paninis. I have yet to try a Nutella and Brie panini but I’m willing to bet it tastes…um…orgasmic.

While I’m on a food spree, I’ve recently discovered this blog called the Daily Dish. It caters to L.A. but it gives a great heads up on breakout chefs, seasoned chefs, food discoveries, coffee, wine, etc.

Punked Out

There will be no blog about my Master Cleansing experience. I decided to opt out of this one after I did further research and found out I had to do a salt water flush and drink laxative tea in the morning and at night, respectively. Not only does that sound…uh, not good for the body to do for 10 days straight, but I don’t want to be going to the toilet every 15 minutes. Plus, my butt would hurt after awhile. Continue reading

Pumpkin Scones

My old boss used to order the most complicated drink from Starbucks: a grande chai, water, steamed blah blah blah with something blah blah. Seriously, if I was the one at the counter running up her order, I’d look at her like she was the ghost of bloody Christmas fucking past. Every time we would make Starbucks runs, she’d have to write her order down so that I could read off the Post-It note. Surprisingly, the people at Starbucks never seemed all too phased when I read out the order. They’ve most likely heard worse.

Anyway, the boss lady always came to the office with her Starbucks drink and a pumpkin scone. Her drink meant nothing to me but, damn, did that scone. I never heard of a pumpkin scone until I saw her chomping away on one during an office meeting whilst downing it with her chai. Unlike me who eats her Starbucks food straight out of the bag, crumbs all over the place, my boss would place her pumpkin scone on a little paper plate, heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds, and then cut it into little bite-sized portions. Continue reading