Sigh…ANOTHER canceled show

Just when it was getting gooooood again ABC pulls the plug on my (not) guilty pleasure, Ugly Betty. Wahhh! I’m sad the show is canceled but I hope to HOPE to see each cast member in something soon because they are all so talented. If this is the last time I see Ana Ortiz, Becki Newton, or Michael Urie (Which I doubt but you never know how this “Hollywood” thing works. I just don’t want to have to wait eons and I don’t think they do either. Their roles were getting really interesting on Betty too!), ESPECIALLY, well, that’s just sad sad sad.


2009 Golden Globes Highlight

Aside from Kate Winslet’s tears, Tracey Morgan’s acceptance speech on behalf of the cast of 30 Rock, Ricky Gervais’ usual shenanigans, and the whole Slumdog Millionaire table being so goddammed happy for its own good…THIS. This made me all gushy wushy inside. Gahhhhh.

He's Just Not That Into You

The most I’ve heard about this movie is its star-studded cast (Ben Affleck, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Connolly, Jennifer Connolly, the Mac guy…er, I mean, Justin Long). I also know this a line from that Sex and the City episode where Miranda is all hung up on this guy not calling her, wondering why he would say such a thing but not act on it days or weeks later.

He’s just not that into you,” says Berger bluntly. Yes, Berger, the man who infamously dumped Carrie via Post-It note. Awesome. Let’s take advice from a man who dumps a girl with a Post-It note. Wait, wasn’t he a writer? He could’ve at least written some tear-stained 10-page letter. Or maybe some agitated looking chicken scratch writing letter where he can’t even spell Carrie’s name correctly. He spells it “Cary” or “Karrie” or “Kerry.” SATC writers, do you know what that simple mistake would connote? *Shakes head* Man, that guy was certified asshole. Wow. Am I really getting this heated about a SATC character? Gross.

Anyway, I have my reservations about this upcoming movie. Partly because of this SATC reference, mostly because of this star-studded cast. If I was the director I’d feel like I was jinxing my own movie. Something about all those stars in that movie, half of which are paparazzi darlings. Seriously, how am I supposed to concentrate on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston when all I think about is, Ben looked so cute carrying Violet from school the other day. Or, is Jennifer Aniston really taken with John Mayer? I wonder if he serenades her like he does the girl in his “Body Is A Wonderland” music video. Also, does Jen bring up kids on the third date?

Nonetheless, I saw the trailer for He’s Just Not That Into You and, OK, OK, OK, I kinda do want to see it. It doesn’t look as bad as I had imagined it to be in my head.

P.S. To anybody reading this, have you read the book? After reading that Godawful The Rules (for a freshman COLLEGE WRITING class at that!), I went through a phase of wanting to read “handbooks for women looking for Mr. Right.” Something about trying to understand how going Dutch emasculates a man or why a woman has to make herself look presentable at all times (i.e. wear makeup, up-to-date clothing) or else she will never snag her ring and end up an old maid, down on her luck, and blaming herself for her failure to get married and have babies protected by white picket fences.

Plan B

The deeper and deeper I get into this grad school process the more and more the reality sinks in of possibly not being accepted into any program. I don’t think I’m being pessimistic. Some of these admissions requirements for the social sciences are off the charts for me, especially since I majored in journalism. I can count on half a thumb how many times I’ve written a scholarly paper that was 15-20 pages long. Of course, what do I expect, applying for an academic field. But shit, I can’t turn in my story on HR 4437?

Ah, if I’d a known then what I know now…

Anyway, today I had some kind of cheap ass revelation where I realized, Dammit, I need a backup plan. That said, I’m sounding the call (Is that the correct expression?) for aspiring biz types who want to live the dream with me in some dumpy apartment in L.A. We’ll all have crappy day jobs and probably dig the couches for spare change to buy KFC specials but who cares, it’ll pay off because we’ll make a blood pact prior to signing the lease that whoever “makes it” first will employ us in his or her feature film, t.v. show, production company, or music video (?). It’ll be sooo cute.

Like Matt and Ben. Or the Hollywood Frat Pack.

Or Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, and Co.

We’ll show up to Sundance together and pose on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in some terrible photoshoot where the theme is “dysfunctional and incestuous but quirky loving family” because, you know, the rumor mill will be flying by then that when we were “struggling writers/actors” living in such close quarters, we got so close that we had naked cookouts. But that’ll be one big joke. Or is it? (In creepy Brittany Murphy voice) We’ll never tell. Gotta keep ’em guessing as they say.

So, any takers???