Punked Out

There will be no blog about my Master Cleansing experience. I decided to opt out of this one after I did further research and found out I had to do a salt water flush and drink laxative tea in the morning and at night, respectively. Not only does that sound…uh, not good for the body to do for 10 days straight, but I don’t want to be going to the toilet every 15 minutes. Plus, my butt would hurt after awhile. Continue reading



This is David Beckham in Beijing on Saturday.


Yeah, throw up from disgustingly cute-ness. You know I did.

Oh, Baby

I am not going to preface this post because that will just be plain stupid. Prefacing means I am “hedging.” It also says to you the reader, “Hi, this is what I am thinking about right now but, like, don’t think of me as any less of a person or something…I mean, this is what I’m THINKING. I wouldn’t actually DO it. Not now…I mean, you know what I mean. RIGHT?” And then you the reader will read this and, in your head, say, “What in the world is she talking about? She’s crazy.”

*Deep breath*

I want babies. Now. Continue reading